All The Pain I Built Up

by Elesh Norn

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after releasing the first pressing of this tape we changed
our name to flesh born. (
thank you.

best listened to at a loud volume.

this was recorded by michael briggs of civil recording co in denton, tx

tape release by skeletal lightning (

elesh norn is daniel mitchell, donovan ford, miles debruin, and parker lawson.

all songs written by elesh norn.

thank you.


released April 19, 2013



all rights reserved


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Elesh Norn Denton, Texas

Denton, TX

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Track Name: A Pathetic Way to Say I Need You
miles: darker days and clouded thoughts follow times that we are at odds. i need to remind myself that my strength is based in you. every ounce of self respect i have comes from knowing i've got one thing right.

parker: everything changes when you're not here. it's darker, it's colder, and i can feel the walls closing in. it's becoming increasingly more difficult to fall asleep without you.
Track Name: Hopeless
miles: you were never there so i'm not sorry if i'm not willing to accept you into my life. that emptiness i feel rising in my throat is ever a reminder of those lost days. you might as well have not existed.

parker: i only meant something to you when you wanted something from me.
Track Name: An Exercise in Breathing
miles: i can't fall asleep because i'm too afraid to face failure one more day, but when i inevitably wake i find comfort in the one thing that gives some sort of purpose. you are my crutch. i don't know how i made it seventeen years without you.

parker: all the pain i built up vanished when you reached for my hand. that first night you laid next to me was the warmest i had ever felt, and in that moment you were beautiful and i was beautiful and nothing else mattered.
Track Name: Simultaneously Slamming Doors and Screaming
miles: unseen gestures fill the void where my confidence lacks. crawling through the weeds and thicket of my psyche i find nothing to help me through the day. crippling anxiety. the uncertainty of what's controlling me is too much to handle

parker: i'm too scared to crawl out of the hole i've fallen into
Track Name: Dead
miles: dreaming of death pulls me closer into it's grasp and i can't find a reason not to give in. i'm awaiting the day i give in, but you keep me at arms length.

parker: none of this will matter when we're dead in the end, but i swear that i'll love you until then.
Track Name: Irreplaceable
miles: i've always thought that you were too good for me, even back on those summer days we spent getting to know each other. i couldn't believe how lucky i was. i can't believe how lucky i am, and now i know what this meant to you. you see something in me i'm incapable of seeing, and you cross my mind about a thousand times everyday.

parker: I'm constantly reminded that my days are numbered, but lately i don't seem to care because i know i'll be spending them with you for as long as i live or as long as you'll have me. i'll never forget how i could feel your lips curve into a smile when we kissed.